The Canaport Community Liaison Committee (CCELC) meets on a quarterly basis to discuss important issues with members of the community and to provide updates on Canaport LNG.

These meetings are a two-way dialogue: They are the community’s opportunity to gain information from us and then provide their feedback and they are our opportunity to hear the community’s views, insights and suggestions that we can act on. 

Membership of the Canaport Community Environmental Liaison Committee is voluntary and reflects the diversity of local interests in the operation of Canaport LNG.

Committee Members include:

  • Residents of the Red Head Area;

  • Residents of greater Saint John area;

  • Mispec Park Recreation Committee Inc.;

  • Fundy North Fishermen’s Association;

  • Saint John Board of Trade;

  • Enterprise Saint John;

  • ACAP;

  • Irving Oil Limited; and

  • Saint John Citizens Coalition for Clean Air

Membership may change to maximize the contribution from the community. Prospective members must be approved by the Committee for consideration.

If you have any questions or would like more information on the Canaport Community Environment Liaison Committee and would like to participate, please contact us.